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Galas de boxe

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Description du service

AB Boxing Promotions offre un service d'organisation, de promotion et de coordination d'événements pour vos galas de boxe amateur. Offered services : ✓ Development of a unique theme for each event ✓ Promotion of the event (Social networks) ✓ Ticket distribution (Daily) ✓ Collaboration with artists (Musical or other) ✓ Lighting & atmosphere (Solotech) ✓ Animation (Animator) ✓ Musical entertainment (Dj) ✓ Coordination of elements during the event ✓ Overall set of decorative appearance ✓ Total budget management ✓ Computer graphics service (Posters, tickets, programs) (*) ✓ Printing of promotional posters, tickets and programs (*) ✓ Medals and trophies (*) ✓ Receptionist, coordinator, hostess, barmaid and security (*) ✓ Promotional videos (*) ✓ Food kiosk (*) * Only the pairing of boxers is not included in this service. * The amount excludes the cost related to the Olympic Boxing Federation (FQBO and officials) and the medical service, as well as the rental of the ring if necessary. * Prices may vary depending on the number of fights & the size of the gala.



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